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Darius Salimi

A fine arts graduate, Darius Salimi began working in digital video by signing campaigns for TBWA and Publicis as well as TV spots for L’Oréal. Bright colors, careful staging and meticulous framing make his work absolutely cheery. He seduces many brands and magazines and produces series of festive and authentic portraits.But it is especially in the field of music that he likes to express himself, where he can work in artistic direction and bring a global vision. He collaborates with Shy’m both in photo/graphics (on the albums “solitaire” and “A nos dix ans”) and in video, making two of his clips. From then on, the projects followed one another. Tal, Anggun, Frero Delavega, Joey Starr and Elodie Frégé trusted him. In parallel Darius is working on his first feature film project.

“ Look not backward with anger, nor forward with fear, but around you with conscience