Sara Imloul

Sara Imloul, a french photographer and visual artist born in 1986 and living in Paris, starts in 2008 her first serie untitled Black Circus by discovering the calotype process. In this XIXe century technique, a sheet of paper coated with silver chloride is exposed to light in a camera obscura; those areas hit by light became dark in tone, yielding a negative image. Sara then sets her first laboratory of personal techniques to picture her mysterious and dreamlike universe. Her first monograph was published by Éditions Filigranes in 2014 and curated by several well known galleries since 2012 such as Galerie Polka, Galerie 127, Paris Photo, Arles, 1.54 Contemporary Art Fair … Since she won the Prix Levallois in 2019 for her serie Passage, she experiments video and installation with a performer, and then in 2020 for the digital Fashion Week. She also collaborates with Nicolas Lefebvre where the sculptor’s work is pictured through her eye, becoming immuable, ancestral and sacred archives.

“ Photography is a small theatre where drama, dreams and fantasies are performed and like in an arena shapes are dancing in the black room