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Quentin Chamard-Bois

Quentin Chamard-Bois was born in the early 80’s between post punk and the visible glory of hip hop. His stay in Mexico in the 2000s was the start of an intellectual and artistic revolution. He creates photos and videos related to the world of skateboarding. His return to Paris will confront him in the middle of fashion and advertising and make his practice evolve towards the mastery of light. Winner of the Photo Talent Academy competition, he made the cover of PHOTO in July-August 2017. From then on, he embarked on a journey that questioned his professional practice by distancing himself from the first emotions (from David LACHAPELLE to Miles ALDRIDGE), finding on the way other triggers (from Elena BROTHERUS to Erwin BLUMENFELD). By personalizing his narrative point of view, he will gradually oppose the reductive aesthetics of the woman-pub and impose the violence of raw flesh. By playing with the controlled chance of multi-exposures and filters, the landscapes offer QCB, the possibility of a dialogue with a nature refuge.  By superimposing his practice of painting (inks on paper) with that of the photographer who deforms, enlarges and transforms, he should slip very quickly into the skin of a new artist.

“ Photography is photo-journalism, the rest is painting